C O L U M N KITTY IN THE CITY THE DRAMA QUEEN By Ginger Being a cat in this world is very difficult. There is so much social pressure. I hate it when people who are scared of me, visit my human. Why don’t they just stay at their own boring place? Why do they have to come and ruin my peace and quiet? Today was no different when my human’s friend came over. A silly person who is scared of cats! Can you believe how ridiculous that sounds? Scared of the beauty that has been bestowed upon my human, the perfect little thing people long to have and my human servant is lucky to serve. Anyhow, I was as always sent off to the bedroom with an entertainer, my human’s tiny little sister who was to be the clown for the day. After many small games, watching my favourite shows on YouTube and munching on some amazing treats, the tiny clown couldn’t catch my interest any longer. I had gotten bored and being a social animal I just wanted to go lounge and eavesdrop on whatever I could gather. Now getting out of the room required some clever planning. I sat down and thought for a bit. Then it hit me! I went up to my entertainer, looked into her eyes for a minute. There was a moment of silence then I slowly turned my gorgeous ginger eyes away and pretended to be sick. I gagged a few times and it worked! The entertainer got worried and rushed to open the door. I escaped with joy and hopped around the sofas scaring the guest’s world. She jumped and ran. I ran after her. She screamed. I meowed. My human then locked the friend and herself in the room while my entertainer and I enjoyed the whole house to us. It was a good day. In the end I did miss out on some interesting gossip but I got the whole lounge to myself. That’s how I came to be known as the drama queen. Ginger Eyes is an 8 years old cat that loves herself a bit too much. She thinks she is the best thing that could have happened to the human who she currently owns