T R AV E L on them, demanding treats, hiding in the “cat-apartments” only for the people to find. Half an hour later as you come out, you will be joined by other jubilant people who had a refreshing moment with cats, so do not miss out this heart-warming opportunity to meet new people and pet friends over a cup of coffee. A FEW TIPS: Spring, March to May, and autumn, September to November, is climatically stable in Japan, which makes these seasons the best time to visit Japan. The currency is the Japanese Yen Of course, Japanese is the official language of Japan. Learning at least a few words of Japanese before you travel will be helpful. Japanese are very pleased when they hear a tourist attempting a few words. Mobile usage is the most common problem in Japan. If RfR4pG6WBBvv&"V6RBvBvR&V6VBF( &VB^( Ц2B2FR7BV6֖6琦6W2fR&F2BFR''G2vRFW"6W2vPFW"FV"FW"RRvVVBFBB7&VFB6&Bf"F06W'f6RFRW26&R&WGW&VBFFR&F2BFR''BFW'GW&P"VB&6FFR6W2Fw&3fRvW2bfƖ6W"W6W'37&pFW'67V6W&F2&V֖V