T R AV E L Considering owls are not your typical domesticated animals, it is probably better if they stayed in the wild. There are many other animal cafes that offer you the company of snakes and turtles to goats, geckos, dogs, birds and bunnies as well. It may be impossible to visit each but if you are an enthusiastic animal lover, you can keep a day out of your trip just for the teashops. A Cappuccino for you, a puppyccino for your pooch! Dog cafes are slightly different. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own pet dogs instead. In dog cafes, not just you but even your pet is properly catered to. Your canine friend too gets special meals served when you place your order. A good time for the residents to go to a dog café would be on their dog’s birthday. In Japan, after making the dog look chic at the groomers, the owners take it for a treat at a dog café, after all, what more could it want on its birthday than have its favourite meat-biscuits and special cakes served in style? People who do not have pet dogs can rent one to fulfil their longing for a pet. Such rental services are common in Japan as many people are not willing to or able to own a pet. Are the animals happy? Yes they are. The animals have freedom to hide, play and sleep as they wish. In most busy cafes, the animals have rotating shifts so that one of them is not exposed to visitors more than required. From business point-of-view, it is an advantage to keep the animals happy too. A happy animal 42 will make the customer happy. We encourage you to visit well-established and well-designed pet cafes because there are a bunch of little ones that may not completely abide by the animal health and safety rules. One of the main reasons behind the concept of pet cafes is pet therapy. A number of buildings in Japan do not allow pet entry and the common man tired from a hard day of work has to relieve himself of stress. To bond with animals is one way to relieve stress and it also has medical benefits, which is why animals for hire and pet cafés have proven to be really successful. Pet cafes are also a great opportunity for people to socialize particularly if they are new in Japan. Cats for all. Happiness for all. There is always some give and take involved and nothing comes as we wish. Anyone who visits cat cafes has to accept and agree to the terms and conditions. Unwanted chasing of the cats for cuddles is not allowed, shoes and belongings are to be kept in designated lockers, and visitors have to select timings they want to spend with the cats in advance. Approximately 40 AED promises you a good half an hour with a cat along with refreshments like hot chocolate or tea. Toys and treats can be bought for just a few extra bucks. The time and bonding people share with cats in cat cafes can be very delightful. People from each and every walk of life have a great time with the cats pouncing