CONTENTS WILDLIFE 26 What Did The Fox Really Say? Who hasn’t danced to the latest single “What did the fox say?” Well, now what do you think the fox said after listening to it? 39 Guess Whooo Is In The UAE? Owls are fascinating creatures. We feature some interesting facts about this bird that has become a symbol of wisdom. 26 6 39 15 46 11 40 28 PETS 46 Beastial Athleticism Dr Walter enlightens us with an intimate link between cognitive skills and physical fitness common between humans and animals. TRAVEL 40 Rendezvous With Animals In Japan We travel to Japan in this issue and discover their love for culture, animals and petting cafes. REGULARS 6 15 11 16 25 28 44 50 51 Reviews News Say Cheese LUSH Competition We’ve Got Mail Baking With Mutt Madness The Nerdy Vet Kitty in the City Horoscopes