U R B A N P E T S to recognize where you are, in order for her to turn her head and fly you a kiss. The cuteness of these pets does not stop there. A line of miniature collectable pets has been launched, in the form of Snuggimals, by Hasbro. The line mainly produces a selection of newborn pets and has a wider variety of animals in comparison to FurReal Friends. They come in the form of ponies, kittens, puppies, hamsters, bunnies, piglets and even seals, and though they are the size of a child’s palm, they also have the interactive features of their bigger counterparts. WHY FURREAL FRIENDS? A relationship with a pet is one of the most special bonds a person can have but sometimes it gets difficult to keep one. Opting for a FurReal pet gives you a wide selection of unique and domestic animals as an alternative to a real pet. Unlike the conventional stuffed animal, these toys allow for two-way communication between a person and the toy, which creates a memory and a unique emotion for kids. Owning a FurReal pet is not only fun, the realistic characteristics of the pets make it a great way for children to learn the responsibilities of taking care of a pet without any of the risks involved. The positive reviews on Amazon prove that these toys have made an impact on children and are said to be one of the most wanted presents by kids for Christmas. If you ever plan on getting one of these adorable toys, don’t forget to stock up on batteries. Almost everyone has had that one special stuffed animal, which they had to eventually part with but some lucky adults are still attached to their childhood fur balls. FurReal Friends are just not another stuffed toy. With the interactive features of FurReal, you are guaranteed a pet and a friend for life. 38