U R B A N THE PETS The improved technology of the sensors has made every interaction with these adorable pets as realistic as possible. With each pet having its own unique realistic movement and sound, some with over a hundred different responses and tricks, it makes each play time a different experience. For those parents who want their kids to spend more time outdoors, puppies like Trixie and GoGo would be the per fect companions for their kids. Trixie is a puppy with talent that comes with a remote controlled skateboard that allows her to master over thirty tricks, from a handstand to a wheelie, and she is an expert in showing off. There is also GoGo the Walking pup who loves exploring the house and going on long walks. He comes with remote controlled leash, to keep control of his movement during the walks. Teaching a pet a few common tricks can be quite a difficult process at times, but P E T S with Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy, all you have to do is pop the batteries in and she is ready for play time. The sensors in Daisy’s head and right foot allow her to respond to different movements, when she is petted on her head she moves back and forth and wiggles her paws. When you squeeze one of her paws or pat her back, she immediately stands up to play. Her accessories include a toy fe ather if you wave it in front of her eyes, she responds by pouncing to get it, while purring at the same time, just like a real cat. Just when you thought only Justin Bieber could own a monkey, Hasbro has given us a chance to have one as well. Cuddles My Giggly Monkey, is the most interactive pet that has been released till now, as she has over a hundred different responses. The sensor in her stomach contributes to a majority of her actions, when tickled on her belly, she starts giggling, and when she is shaken or held upside down she reacts with different noises. Cuddles also has a sensor on her head, that allows her 37