P E O P L E Have you ever been asked to communicate with an animal that has passed away already? Not yet. I would love to try, though. Does a new place or new people affect the ability of an animal to connect with you? Yes, it will be difficult for an animal because they would not be familiar with the surroundings or the people. They need to be comfortable to be able to communicate. I have per formed Reiki on pets at a clinic, but I prefer home services. It can get very stressful for an animal and they do not open up easily if they are not in their comfort zone. How similar are animals to humans, as far as emotions are concerned? They are exactly the same. Animals, too, can get sad, depressed or happy. They want just as much love and attention as a human. What is more difficult, connecting to humans or connecting to animals? It is the same as far as connection is concerned. Connection for me is pure telepathy. It is not needed for Reiki healing. In Reiki the scan is usually per formed with a pendulum just to see if the chakras are open or blocked. it gives an indication to the practitioner to know where the Reiki energy must be concentrated. What happens is I ask them to lay down and I run my hands from their head all the way down to their feet and scan with my hands. I get images of the organs in the body, in the form of energy. This is a stage in Theta healing. If at some point I feel that there is some disturbance in the chakra, I stop and ask questions to be sure. So as far as scanning is concerned, humans and animals are on the same level. The rest depends on the willingness and moods of every soul, be it an animal or a human. Is treating humans tougher than treating animals? Yes. In my experience I have learnt that humans are tougher to heal. We as humans are full of doubt. If you are in doubt, your aura may be open but you will only heal if you are ready to heal in your subconscious mind. Animals do not have doubts. They do not have a limiting belief system that we have. All they need is to feel comfortable, and they are good to go. 35