P E O P L E You have performed Reiki on a lot of different animals. Which one is the easiest to heal or connect with and which one is the toughest? Again, it depends on what the nature of the animal is. In my experience, I have learnt that horses are the easiest to connect with, because they are highly sensitive. Their energy level is higher than cats, dogs and humans. If, for example, I have to heal a rescued dog or cat, they do not allow me to hold them or touch them, because they are scared. This makes it difficult for me to connect with them. Cats generally are very special. Th ^H[H^H[˜ۛX][[^H\H^[Y[H[KH[^H^H\HHY\\X BܛX[HYY[ܙH[ۙH\[ۈ܈H]˜[YHX[] ]][X][H܈\[H܈Bۜ[ۈYX[[[X[]^H]“^H YYX[H\Y[YX[\YۂXˈ]H\\]X[ ]\ۙHوHXZ܂X\ۜH]ؘXHYܙYH]\[وX[[ˈH[H\[Hܚ[]ܜ\H[ܙH[\\Z[HY [Y\Z\]Y[YH܈\\܈ZZHX[[˂]H[H]\YH\H\H[HY™X\HH\[و[[[X[–Y\H]KHYH\H\HH[HYB\[ۈوX][\[H[]] H\]H[[Y\و[\]\Y[ZY]^Hۙ\\ݙHYH[H][B][[ۈH\H\\Y\]HY[[\Y\]ZY]HXYHHY[\^KHY[YHHYHXHYH[YBY[\][[ۈYY[]YY ]X^H]HY[H]\KHYY\^\›]\Hۙ\]\YH]HYY[XXY[Y\H\[ۈ]YH[YYH˜YH]\܈YH[YHYܙH]YY ][HH\^H]H]\Y˜[^XYY[X\[H[Z[KH][\]܈HXO’Y]\H] H\^H\XZH][\[^H[\[[[HXZ[KH[[[HZH[H[]B[X[[\\H[K\HX\Y\]^K^H\H[ܙH[Z[وH]XH܈H]œ][H\K]\[\ܝ[Y[][H^B[HX]\H]\H[\H[[[[ۈ]^H[\] Hܙ˂