P E O P L E How exactly do animals communicate and get their message across? Animals obviously cannot talk like us [laughs]. Mostly they send across a message in the form of an image or by (sending feeling.) I have to be careful when interpreting images though. Normally I explain to my client the image that I have seen, and tell them that this is how I have interpreted it. My interpretation of an image could also be wrong sometimes. So I need to watch what I say to my client. What is the most common problem that you have healed in animals through Reiki? I consider an animal as a soul, and no two souls are exactly the same. So I cannot say that there is a ‘common problem’ as such. Almost all the cases I have dealt with have been different in their own way. However, if I am to generalize, cats usually have more behavioral issues than dogs. Horses too have a lot of behavioral issues, which is usually caused by the relationship between the horse and its owner. But then again, it is always a different experience with each animal. Can Reiki be performed on lost animals, or if they are overseas? Reiki Healing is not about communication. It is only energy healing and we don’t need to establish contact. If I have met the animal before that makes it easier. I had a case once where I had healed a clients cat before, and that cat disappeared for more than four days. The client called me and asked me to try and locate the cat to come back. That was possible because I had communicated with that cat in the past and the cat knew me, so establishing the connection was easier. Are animals easy to connect with or are some of them hesitant to talk? Every animal is different. Some of them just do not want to talk because they are not in the mood, much like humans. It depends from animal to animal. 33