P E O P L E How and when did you discover that you had the ability to communicate with animals? There were a lot of cows and horses around where I lived, as well as other animals back home in Belgium, so I would interact with them quite a lot. Once, when I was about seven years old, I got into an argument with my mother over something and was very upset. I went outside and sat with one of the cows, started complaining and said, ‘you do not even understand what I am saying!’ At that point I actually got a reply from the cow saying, ‘Go on, I am listening.’ That came as a huge surprise to me. I then tried again to be sure and the same thing happened. I shared this with my mother and of course she did not believe me. In fact she asked me not to tell anyone else as she thought it was not true. At eighteen, a friend of mine took me to a public event where I came across people who could read minds. I went with her out of curiosity, and that was the opening door for me. I started studying Reiki and magnetism after that, as they were the best explanation for my natural gift. Tell us about your first healing experience. I became a mother at twenty four, and my daughter was born with gastric reflux, for which the doctor prescribed countless medicines. Her condition had caused major internal inflammation. I asked the doctor if the medication was effective enough and he did not give me a satisfactory answer. That was when I decided to test my ability to heal someone and practice what I had learnt. So I started practicing on my daughter, and after two years, she was completely healed. That was my first major success. After that I worked on family and friends and got amazing results. At thirty six I started working on healing animals. 32