P E O P L E Reiki energy healing and Theta healing are slowly gaining popularity amongst people around the world. After the success of this method on humans for over a decade, Reiki healing is now used to heal animals as well, to rid them of illness, pain and psychological disorders. Reiki is energy, ultimately. It is a life force energy and an imbalance in this energy can make one unwell. Therapists say that disturbances or blockages in energy cause illness and is referred to as ‘negative energy’. It is believed that animals absorb this energy from their owners most of the time, in an effort to heal their owner of their mental or physical illness. However, these animals are unable to heal themselves. In such a case, a professional therapist can help by telepathically communicating with an animal. Zainab Khan meets up with Sabine Poncelet, a specialist who left her career in finance to practice Reiki , hypnosis and energy healing professionally, for both humans and animals. Originally from Belgium, Sabine currently lives in Dubai with her dog, Petzi, and cat, Snowy. Photography: Baginskaya Gallery and Studio