CONTENTS FEATURES 8 Becoming A Qualified Vet In The UAE: More Than Just Possible Thinking of a career in Veterinary Medicine? Read about the Veterinary Medicine degree offered at the UAE University Al Ain. 20 Is Toxoplasmosis Highly Risky For Pregnant Women? Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite that is also found in cat faeces. So if you are a cat owner and expecting a baby, do read on what precautions to take to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and the company of your furry little friend without worrying. CELEBRITY 8 20 12 In Tune With Kris & Boots Virgin Radio presenter Kris Fade needs no introduction. The award-winning presenter tells us about his French Bulldog, Boots, who has charmed his way into the family’s heart. PEOPLE 30 Free Your Mind Reiki and Theta energy healing are now a widely accepted form of treatment around the world. These healing practices help animals as much as they help humans. Sabine Poncelet left her career in finance to help humans and animals with her gift of healing. Read about her experience with the four-legged friends in the healing world. 12 30 URBAN PETS 36 Furreal Friends Want a pet but can’t have one? Why not bring in this little robot pet that looks and interacts just like a living pet would? 36