F U N It seemed to be an ordinary day until I noticed a pair of eagle eyes burning a hole in my back. It looked like they were sharing a private joke amongst themselves, being kind enough to constantly point at me. As I stepped out of my neighbourhood, stretching against the tree trunk, the snickering of the fellow rabbits hit my eardrum. Reaching my last nerve of patience, I realised the humans were at it again – making some random funky tunes and surprisingly becoming famous. Turns out they made a song that was light heartedly mocking at my silence within my own society. These comedians seemed somewhat familiar now that I recall. On my way to the barn, I nearly bumped into the boastful horse which sheds light on another problem with the song. I do not know how to use human appliances. Also, how could I possibly use Morse code with another animal that is not familiar with the human language anyway? So, no, I do not communicate with Morse code with anyone, let alone the horse. I hope that adequately answers to the question the comedians asked in the song. A couple of days ago on my regular path route to the barn, I noticed the precious sleep of my friends being disturbed by the annoying bell that always hangs around those moody cows. These humans must have mistaken that for something as my voice, which is not at all true! Come on, the only time I would say “ring ding ding” would be to lure some vulnerable cows towards for supper. Uploading a remake version, the South Koreans bestowed my ancestors and me with ultra superpowers so as to resemble their legendary monster “Gumiho,” the mythical 9 tailed demon. A few steps away, the baker and his wife seemed to be having an audible quarrel. I constantly heard one word over and over again: “hate”. Out of boredom I tried making a beat out of it and there you go, the comedians come up with “hatee hatee hatee ho”. The lyrics do not seem logical at all. Why is it that my tranquillity isn’t sacred? Coming up next on my list is “ka-ka-ka- ka-kaka-koww”. Crows make that sound don’t they? Don’t humans hunt often? How daft can these silly creatures get? Then the East meets the West. I was relieved enough to think it was only these two comedians with poor interpretation skills but boy was I wrong. Honestly, will they ever stop? According to these humans, I am a guardian angel and a Gumiho at the same time. Being a demon yet an angel, I would be guiding your mind towards the gap between heaven and hell since I would not know if I should be guiding you towards the bright side or the dark. But then again, humans – they never know what they want, never are they satisfied. Even though I am enjoying this momentary fame, I still find it silly about how suddenly their ignorance to my presence reside. Humans will never seize to amaze me. 27