Lush Cosmetics celebrate the Cosmetics Directive and prepare for their next animal testing fight In May 2012 Lush Cosmetics collected over 400,000 signatures supporting the Cosmetics Directive, legislation that makes Europe the first zone in the world where animal testing of cosmetics is banned. Today in over 850 shops worldwide Lush Cosmetics are hosting Animal Parties to celebrate the final stage of the Cosmetics Directive coming into force. However REACH has not been updated since it was written in 2007. In the intervening years many non-animal alternatives have been developed and also some animal test refinements (these are improved protocols which mean that for each test less animals need to be used and killed). By not adding these replacement tests to the REACH testing guidelines, REACH are breaking their own stated rules – and millions of animals are dying in tests because companies cannot use the non-animal alternatives until the legislation lists them as suitable for use. Lush has launched second phase of campaign in April and continues to fight againt animal testing. However the fight to end animal testing in Europe is far from over. After celebrating the Cosmetics Directive today, Lush Cosmetics will launch a campaign - in collaboration with the Humane Society International - to replace animal tests with more modern alternatives for all REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) testing. Support their cause visit LUSH cosmetics and find out more about their campaigns to end animal testing on: The REACH legislation was written in 2007 – and requires companies to take part in product safety testing. Companies must follow REACH guidelines for which tests should be administered for the various ingredients. IN YOUR OPINION After 30 years of campaigning, the European Union has banned animal testing on cosmetics, but BUAV says many countries in the world still test on animals for cosmetics and the group is now pressing for a global ban. What in your opinion is the best way to discourage people from using animal tested products in these countries? Post your opinions on our FaceBook or Twitter pages or send in your ideas to to win a prize by LUSH cosmetics. 17