ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION FOR PETIGREE MAGAZINE IN ABU DHABI UNIVERSITY N E W S Abu Dhabi University’s Photography Club holds engaging photography competitions based on different themes every month. In collaboration with Petigree Magazine, this time the theme will be ‘Capturing the Animal Kingdom.’ Abu Dhabi University’s faculty, staff and students are free to participate and explore their photography skills by capturing the majestic kingdom of animals and birds. After the announcement of the competition, participants will go around and take the best, scenic, worth-admiring pictures of wildlife and animal kingdom in the country. They will send in their entries by the 15th of March. A panel of distinguished judges and club officials will deliberate for a number of days and reserve the verdict of the best photographs. The winning photographs will then be displayed around the university and in published in Petigree Magazine. An award ceremony will be held where the winners will be honoured and awards given to recognize their skills.