C E L E B R I T Y How has your journey with Virgin Radio Dubai been so far? How old is Boots and has he had any health issues so far? Tell us a bit about your family. Who is Boots closest to in the family? Absolutely amazing. I am so blessed to have been able to have amazing experiences while working with Virgin Radio. The love and appreciation I get is unbelievable. We have got a busy house. I will start from the bottom. My 2-year-old daughter Arianni, she is absolutely beautiful. All she does is hunt for food. My 4-year-old Zahra is the little princess of the house, she is also known as Rapunzel. My wife Maz is the boss of the house and actually the boss of everything. She is a fitness instructor, mum and wife. How and when did you meet Boots? I found a breeder in Denmark through a mutual friend and received Boots when he was 3 months old. Did Boots develop an instant bond with you and your family or it took a while for him to adjust? He instantly became our Boots! If he had it his way, he would like to have affection all the time. Plus, like my 2-years-old Arianni, he also hunts for food. Boots is nearly 4. Touchwood. He has had a pretty healthy life so far. His nasal passages get blocked sometimes but that’s fairly common with French Bulldogs. Whoever has food! What diet plan does Boots follow? Are there any do’s and don’ts in his eating habits? He is on regular canned food that I buy from Carrefour. On the odd occasion, he will have soft leftovers. French Bulldogs are known for their tendency to be sporty and lively. Does Boots like to play a lot too? He is very active. I make sure I take him for a walk once a day. Thankfully we have a large garden so he gets to roam around. How is Boots around your daughters and other kids? He is amazing with my daughters and their friends. Sometimes I see how rough my 2-years- old can get with Boots and he doesn’t react. 13