P E T S SAY Name: Coco 1 year 7 months old girl Qualities: Coco is loving, playful, friendly and very well behaved. She has a great personality and is the joy of our family. Owner: Mahima Name: Barbie 1 year old female Qualities: Barbie is an adorable little girl who knows she is gorgeous! She likes human company and loves being pet. Owner: Maheen CHEESE! Name: Chotu 2 years old girl Qualities: She likes to climb high places and loves playing with bottle caps. Chotu is extremely naughty. She steals makeup and hair brushes and hides them under the sofa she likes. Owner: Sabiha Name: Mocha and Latte 1 year old Male and Female rabbits Qualities: Like all rabbits they are escape artists! Love digging. Owner: Mohamed Name: Mooshi Girl, 5 years old. Qualities: She is a very friendly tomboy who loves playing football! Owner: Tara Name: Mayke 11 years old boy. Qualities: Mayke is an active and funny dog. He is very playful and he loves to act innocent. He also loves to play fetch. Owner: Rawdha Send us pictures of your furry friends with their details to be featured in this section on: 11