F E AT U R E practical trainings and hands on courses that are offered to the veterinary students, mainly in the last couple of years of the program. In addition to other multi-disciplinary veterinary core courses, this practical training makes students eligible for the wide range of positions available in the field of veterinary medicine, including municipalities, ADEFCA, Ministry of Water and Environment, and it makes them ready for the growing demand and immediate need for veterinarians in the private sector. In order to guarantee recruitment of our graduates after graduation, many national organization like ADEFCA, Dubai Municipality, and others are offering five years scholarships for students that get enrolled in the program.” From a commoners perspective, veterinary academic programs are still considered unimportant and something that will not be very meaningful and necessary given the tough employment situation and the country’s demographics. Dr. Sameeh, however, does not see this as a difficult obstacle, but he agrees to the fact that this outlook needs to be changed. According to him, “Nobody doubts the importance of the veterinary profession in the country. Agricultural professions, including veterinary medicine, are not the most favourite in the country, despite of the prevalent love for animals. This mind-set will have to take several generations to change gradually by raising the awareness of the importance of veterinary medicine as a profession, and this can be achieved with the help of the media at the national level. Veterinary career counselling for the secondary school students is also a mandate. In addition, encouraging national students to apply for veterinary medicine program, increasing the representation of veterinarians, and ensuring high professional salaries scales are met, are all equally important.” Ambitious student’s love for animals! The ones enrolling in the veterinary medicine 10 program of UAEU will be students who love animals and look forward to increasing animal health and safety in the country. A UAEU student, Wadima Matar Salem Al Dhaheri, said, “I chose this field because I believe each animal deserves to be well treated and taken care of. Also, UAE, our beloved country, lacks national vets and it depends mostly on overseas professionals in this field. Animal health is very important, as the health of our environment relies on it. So as a student who is willing to major in veterinary medicine, I am looking forward to enhance this field in UAE a [ܙX\H[[X[[\H[[[H[[X[[YY 'B[\[X[Y[ Z^H[Zۘ^[\ZKZY 8']\[\HYYX[KH[Y]H\œY][][ۙYH[\H\ق^HYKH]H[[YX\و^HYH\[ܜ\[[HHܜHY\\X܈XYBYHݙH\Y[][[ܙKHZH[[X[H ^H\H\HHYH[H[H\HYH[[[KH\HH][B]\H[H\[^H[K'B\\H[[[HY[و]\[\BYYX[KHY[ܝ\Z[›ۙHوH[][H[K8'Hܛ]][[X[\ܝ[ˈ[[X[]BH[[[ۈ][X[Z[[^B]HHY]HܜX][B[^H\HXZH[X[ˈH[H[™ܝ\Z[ۙHوH[[X[H]š[PQH[H[H^]YYY]Y\[[›و[[X[8'HZY[[XH\XZ[[H[XK[\Y[و]\[\HYYX[H]PQUKH]\Hو]\[\HYYX[HY[Xܙ[H\ۜ\وHY[H[Y[H^H]\H[HHقX[H\]][ۈ[H]\H[[ۙY[HH\[]\[\HYYX[H[PQHXو\H\ܙX]]܈\\KX]\Y[[YY[