Petal School Distric Calendar 2018 - 2019 - Page 6

PETAL PRIMARY SCHOOL ur primary goal at Petal Primary School is for all students to de- velop a love for learning. We are the starting block for our students’ edu- cational careers. Petal Primary School is the place where formal schooling be- gins for the children living in the Petal School District. The district's youngest and most eager learners are welcomed with open arms at Petal Primary School. Their needs to feel safe, explore, play and experience learning are all fostered in this environment. It is our hope to in- still a strong love for reading, critical thinking, problem solving, and mathe- matics in all of our students. Our pri- mary educational goal is to build a strong foundation in both reading and math, so the students can become in- dependent learners. Providing young learners with rich experiences builds the necessary vocabulary students need to be successful later in life. It is our belief the early years are the most influential years in the life of a child. This motivates us towards build- ing strong parental and community rela- tionships. We are fortunate to be a part of a community that values education. O Hometown values matter in Petal, and we build on these values at PPS to en- gage our teachers, students, parents, and community to provide the best pos- sible support system for these young learners. Parents and community mem- bers are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms, attend field trips with their children, join our PTO and participate in various events, and participate as mem- bers of the Shared Decision Making Council. Petal Primary School values the community, and it is our goal to in- still this in our students. The faculty and staff at Petal Primary School work hard to create a safe envi- ronment with a strong, loving, family at- mosphere. Students are taught how to self regulate their emotions and to be the best they can be in all circum- stances. This internal motivation to be the best and make good choices is taught to our students by modeling pos- itive relationships and providing strate- gies young children need to make wise choices. It is our privilege at Petal Primary School to add value to students’ lives by teaching them to dig deep and thrive as learners. With a solid foundation, a safe learning environment, and teachers who are dedicated and united as one, we have no doubt that ALL students at Petal Primary School can and will be- come fluent readers, problem solvers, and thoughtful writers - ensuring their success for the future. • All students visit our school guidance counselor every 7 days through our Character Education program. • 5th class of preschoolers on our campus – part of the Early Learning Collaborative grant through MDE. • All students participate in several Relay for Life fundraising opportuni- ties throughout the year. • Petal Primary School continues to partner with First Baptist Church of Petal with multiple projects to help our students and teachers.