Petal School Distric Calendar 2018 - 2019 - Page 26

CHILD NUTRITION he goal of the Petal School Dis- trict’s Child Nutrition Program is to provide students, teachers and staff nutritious meals at a reasonable price and to provide unparalleled serv- ice to the students and patrons. The National School Lunch Program is the original Child Nutrition Program. In operation since 1946, this program makes it possible for children to be served wholesome, low cost lunches at school each day. The meals are de- signed to meet one-third of the daily recommended dietary allowance and contribute to children’s mental and physical development. The Child Nutrition program also par- ticipates in the National School Break- fast Program. This program was designed to meet the needs of children who arrive at school hungry. Nutrients missed at breakfast are seldom made up at other meals. A healthy breakfast alleviates mid-morning slumps and re- duces student complaints of headaches, stomach aches and trips to the school nurse. Any student whose family qualifies according to the criteria as set forth by the national program may be eligible for free or reduced meals. Applications for Free or Reduced Meals can be com- T pleted online at the Petal School District website. A new appli- cation must be com- pleted each school year. If you have any questions or need as- sistance with an appli- cation please call the Child Nutrition Office at 601-545-3020. All schools in the district are equipped with a "state of the art" Horizon Software computer system that allows students, teachers and staff members to prepay for meals if they so desire or they may pay cash. Parents can now log on the or call 1-866-815-6503 to make payments by check or credit card, view their child's account history, set up auto pay and e-mail alerts for low bal- ance. Once you’ve created an ac- count online, download the Mobile app for account management on- the-go.