Petal School Distric Calendar 2018 - 2019 - Page 10

PETAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL etal Elementary School is an exciting place for students to learn, grow, work, and play. Our goal is for each student to feel loved and safe while being challenged to reach their highest potential. As third and fourth graders, students have acquired foundational skills in literacy and mathematics and are beginning to learn more about the world around them and the role they play in society. Students have the opportunity at PES to participate in exciting learning experiences such as cultural performances, field trips, author’s presentations, and many more. The Junior Panther Program in the fall and the “I Am PES” Program in the spring highlight and reward students who embody our school creed and consistently set a positive ex- ample for others. Developing an awareness of desirable behavior traits and character- istics is important to us, and we encourage students to apply these daily as well as through participation in community service projects throughout the year. Academically, we challenge students to set, plan, and meet goals. Fluency in read- ing and basic math skills continue to be important to us even as increased concep- tual learning moves our students toward a greater,richer understanding of the topics of study. Developing the reading and writ- P ing connection is a focus embedded throughout the curriculum. Teachers work to integrate literature, informational text, science, social studies, and the arts into all units of study. Through learning activities, students learn more about the world around them and how to apply concepts they are learning in all subject areas. Stu- dents are engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematic activities in the classroom and in our STEM lab. Explo- ration through experiments, observations, and analysis allow students to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. After research students collaborate with peers to write a response or create presentations to share new knowledge. By building on primary foundation skills, our students are provided many opportuni- ties to demonstrate responsible citizenship and deepen the level of learning while ex- periencing many exciting adventures. HIGHLIGHTS • Fourth-grade students wrote and produced the Mississippi Historical Tableaux presenting Mississippi history through storytelling. The grade level project was the culmination of a year of study on the history, cul- ture, people, and economy of the state. • For the fourth year in a row, PES achieved 99% or higher pass rate on the Third-Grade Reading Test. • Students involved in our workshop classes raised $379 for Homes of Hope for Children through their “BizWorld” business unit. • All students participated in multiple educational field trips. In addi- tion to the yearly trips to Jackson, MS, USM, and Choctaw Day, our stu- dents all experienced the USM symphony performance at the Hattiesburg Saenger Theatre. • PES students won the Purple Cupcake Challenge for raising over $2000 for the Petal Relay for Life