PERREAULT Magazine September 2014 - Page 73

Perreault Magazine - 73 -

It’s a cross between an encyclopedia and the discovery channel- I’m very excited and cannot wait to share it with the public! The result will be an innovative educational platform delivering a mesmerizing visual experience for all ages.

SK: Any final words for PERREAULT readers?

JC: Make a career out of your passion. Make a living doing what you love to do. If you have trouble figuring out what your passion is, think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do for no other reason than simply enjoying the activity? It won’t be easy, there will be naysayers and challenges- go for it anyways. Internally, you will glow from joy and fulfillment regardless of whether the money is there or anyone else supports and/or approves. You feel gratitude for your life doing something you love.

When you feel grateful, you act out of abundance, not from scarcity allowing more generosity and willingness to share with others, sharing the blessing that you are. When confronted with difficulties, challenge yourself, stand up for what you believe – they are all opportunities and those that step up and rise to the occasion are those we admire making something out of life.

Each moment in our lives is a gift and opportunity exists every moment. Moment by moment, we hold the master key to our happiness. When one opportunity is lost, keep the focus on the present and a new opportunity will present itself- this is the beauty and richness in life and I am truly grateful.