PERREAULT Magazine September 2014 - Page 72

Perreault Magazine - 72 -

JC: I would’ve rather been reading a book! Its funny because my mother and I joked last week if it wasn’t for her fitting me in all kinds of dresses for the pageant, she’s not sure she would’ve ever seen me in a wedding dress! When I was 16, my mom entered me in Jr. Miss Korea and the evening gowns had to be white. Most dress stores don’t carry gowns in white, so my mom started taking me to wedding dress shops to find the right dress.

SK: Who influenced you the most in your life? What is your philosophy in life and/or business?

JC: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things! The countless people I’ve read about and those I’ve had the blessings to meet, like Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, those who’ve have had the fortitude and faith in themselves to achieve amazing things.

My brother influences me to this day! He is such an inspiration- he still surprises me on what a good person he truly is and as a leader. In business, I disagreed on certain choices he made particularly one where he wasn’t making any profit yet refused to let go his employees, foregoing his own salary. I remember talking to him about making difficult business decisions. Then I heard a TED talk on why leaders make you feel safe. Some executives of large corporations will lay off hundreds of employees rather than forgo their million dollar bonus checks or 5 weeks paid vacation when the company isn’t doing well. The speaker then brought up the Marine who’d let all his men eat first, and by his turn there’d be no food left. His men would come back from the field giving some of their food ensuring the Marine had something to eat. Leadership is a choice not a rank. And that’s my brother. He is among those we call leaders because he chooses to sacrifice so his people feel safe and protected and in that, they gain.

My philosophy in life and in business is when there’s a will, there’s a way. No excuses. Also, to not be able to distinguish between what is work and what is fun. I read “ the master in the art of living makes no differentiation between work and play. To him, he is always doing both.” I do what I do not for a paycheck, not out of obligation, but because I believe in what I do and I enjoy every single step. The author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert spoke on persevering through failure by returning home, home being that which you love more than you love yourself. When you shift your focus and dedicate your energies on home, the end results become inconsequential. This is how I’ve handled the blessings and lessons of both success and failure.

SK: What projects are you working on or in development that’s exciting for you currently?

JC: I’ve always believed in the importance of education. And with technology these days, the methods of education are becoming more interactive and much more engaging. 3thirdsgrit Entertainment is focused on contributing to society with new media educational resources. Right now, we’re seeking to raise funding for our new amazing butterfly planet e-book. We’ve teamed up with incredible 3D artists/animators along with scientists and entomologists to create an intimate & interactive experience into the world of hyper realistic 3D butterflies with flight simulations, ability to zoom in on its beautiful details, pan each butterfly as it flies coupled with interesting facts and information to learn all about them.

We consider it a “living e-book” running on a fully interactive 3D engine.