PERREAULT Magazine September 2014 - Page 71

SK: For those who don’t know Janet Cho, how would you describe yourself?

JC: A dreamer and a doer. A forever student in life who believes change is the only constant. I believe anyone you meet is a potential teacher, if you’re open and receptive enough to learn. I strive to be better than I was yesterday, knowing it’s not about perfection but progression.

SK: One could say of you “Janet was born to be successful and creative.” Is it a fair assessment?

JC: I think Asians in particular have parents who emphasize the importance of an education, going to a university and becoming a doctor or a lawyer of some sort- this is considered success. So yes, having an immigrant S. Korean mother who was very strict, I would say its fair I was born to be successful- I don’t think I had a choice. Lol. Now to be creative is a different story. I believe my mother to this day gets nervous I choose to be in a “creative” profession. She would rather me be in a profession with a steady paycheck, understanding an office job as “stable” and secure. However, she is the one who bought me countless books I wanted to read when I was younger so she

aided my creativity and imagination from the start.

SK: One of your mentors is Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee who trained Bruce Lee for over ten years. What did you learn from Master Rhee?

JC: I know this like the back of my hand. Knowledge in the mind. Honesty in the heart. Strength in the body. Everything happens for the best.

SK: Can you talk about your creative process?

JC: My creative process is simply experiencing and living life. My inspirations are in my daily living- late night conversations with my friends, dinner with my family, meeting strangers and becoming acquainted, production meetings on a couch, tutoring children and meditation.

SK: Your family immigrated from S. Korea. I read that you were such a tomboy growing up, your mother forced you into a beauty pageant when you were 16 to see you in a dress. What was your first reaction?

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