PERREAULT Magazine September 2014 - Page 70

"A Conversation with Janet Cho, Producer, 3thirdsGRIT Entertainment."

Janet Cho

Janet Cho, a former Miss Korea & Miss Asia pageant winner and model, is a Film Producer and Founder of 3thirdsGRIT Entertainment, a creative hub bringing together innovative artists, dreamers, strategists, gamers & entrepreneurs to develop and produce the next plateau of entertainment.

As a Producer, Janet spotlights movies connecting the world with stories of global reach and inspiration. Her work in entertainment includes collaborations with the late Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen and the E street band, Steven Seagal (Actor and Founder/CEO of SteamRoller Productions), Allen Dam (Formerly of William Morris Agency and Consultant & Advisor for 20th Century Fox Studios Roll Bounce, Robots, Ice Age: The Meltdown), Hikari Takano (Celebrity Interviewer for celebrities such as David O Russell, Billy Bob Thornton, Dennis Hopper) and Daniel Kim (Producer on National Geographic Dog whisperer, Cesar 911) to name a few.

Janet aims as a movie producer to collaborate with visionary filmmakers, storytellers, and writers with unique messages relatable on a worldwide scale. Stories depicted in films to portray universal truths, such as love, acceptance, right/wrong, and human survival so regardless of where, which country produces the film, whether S. Korea, France or Chile, audiences across the world can relate to the message in any language. In conjunction, Janet strives to minimize gender bias in Hollywood, showcasing women in films against predefined roles, developing and producing films featuring women directed and written by women.

Her company, 3thirdsGRIT Entertainment seeks to integrate new models of development, production & distribution of innovative digital content such as ebooks, games, web series and mobile apps across multimedia platforms incorporating new media, seeking to entertain and educate this generation and many more.

Janet volunteers her time as PR Director for Global Children Foundation, a charity focused on providing children all over the world necessary food, clothing, medical aid, and educational resources; organized by mothers who responded to the devastation of IMF leaving many children motherless in S. Korea. She is also a member of Women In Film, an organization that empowers, promotes, and mentors women in the entertainment and media industries.

by Svetlana Kim

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