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According to what physiological and emotional situations each person is experiencing, each needs a different type of treatment.

There are patients who sleep well and function properly on medication, providing the specific medication for their physiological imbalance has been chosen. Then there is the group which feels sedated or groggy with the use of medication or get addicted and have tolerance issues ,so that higher concentrations of medication become necessary to bring about the same effect. Another group responds well to supplements; either to low and recommended doses of supplements ,or they may require higher doses and combinations of these natural substances.

I use Homeopathic medication for patients who feel sedated or hung over with the smallest doses of supplements, or sometimes I combine Homeopathic medication with regular medication or supplements to bring about a certain effect. My experience has been that if a person has been on high doses of mind altering medication for a long period of time, supplements and Homeopathic medication might not be strong enough to treat their insomnia.

The following is a list of some of the Homeopathic medication I use with my patients.

Disclaimer: Any changes in your medication dosage, strength or frequency needs to be done under the supervision of your physician. Please do not stop your medication abruptly or substitute any of the Homeopathic medication below as this may cause severe health issues such as seizures. Consult a Homeopathic physician before you start any of the following medication.

Sleep disturbances treated with Homeopathy:

Problem initiating sleep

-due to fear of future: Gelsemium Sempervirens (feels exhausted but cannot fall sleep)

-due to apprehension and anxiety regarding what needs to be done: Argentum Nitricum (feels like cannot stay in bed and needs to get up and walk or do something to calm the nerves down) also a person who is afraid of not falling sleep and not get ting enough sleep for the activities of the next day

-due to too many thoughts: Coffea Cruda (Homeopathic dilution of coffee)

-due to physical excitation, needs to toss and turn: Coffea Cruda

-due to joyful event which has happened recently or is about to happen: Coffea Cruda

-due to the heat of the bed: Sulphur

-due to muscle bruising because of overexertion: Arnica Montana

-due to sweating with hot flashes, in the context of menopause: Sulphur


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