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Accepting Responsibility

The first and essential step to begin, intentionally and consistently, creating the quality of life that harmonizes with our "Heartfelt" yearnings, requires a simple and conscious choice of accepting responsibility for our life circumstances. It is "profoundly transformational" and will enable us to have "conscious control" of the outcomes experienced in each and every area of our life.

We Are Vibrational Beings

“We live in a world of energy and frequencies,” as stated by Einstein and Nikola Tesla. We are all energy beings and therefore always emanating vibrations. Human thoughts and perceptions translate into these vibrational frequencies attracting events that are in sync with the energies we are holding within us. Our wellbeing is primarily determined by these frequencies based on the way we perceive and respond to life’s events. The higher our energy frequency, the higher the quality of health and vibrant radiant life we can enjoy. To continue to live and stay rooted in that higher energy field takes awareness of our separation from it in order to re-connect to it.


The New Science of Cells

The Science of Epigenetics, pioneered by cell biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD, reveals how our perceptions, our environment and the choices we make in our daily life influence the way our genes and DNA, specifically the 20,500 genes identified by the Human Genome Project, communicate functional instructions to our cells.

Scientists believed for many years that the genes you inherited at conception controlled your destiny and determined your health challenges and life expectancy. The information being gathered encourages us to abandon these obsolete beliefs that we are victims of predetermined genetic codes and introduces the concept of “Free Will” into our idea of genetics.

Both Epigenetics and Quantum Physics among many other areas of science are providing documented physical and tangible evidence with regard to the power we hold as individuals to shift and realign the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our life.

This New Science of Cells is a resource for empowerment. It confirms that the level of our choice of Awareness controls our life in a biological and physiological way; influencing how our DNA instructs information to our cells and its effects on our health, vibrancy and state of well-being. This breakthrough in cell biology and quantum physics shows that our genes and DNA are influenced by signals from outside the cell membrane, including the energetic messages emanating from our perception, environment, thoughts and our choices.

Once we take this intentional step of embracing and actively applying this knowledge in our every day reality we will be in Balance with Divine Consciousness and our lives will flourish. Epigenetics is amazingly exciting and a rapidly expanding area of science that is clearly proving that we are other than "victims" of circumstances, but rather creators of the circumstance.

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