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Perreault Magazine - 53 -

Choosing Liberation

True Freedom from the attachment of outcome is more than merely a mindset; it is our ultimate goal towards which we are heading. The level of Harmony or struggle we manifest in our life experiences measures the degree of which our sense of Freedom is attained. We are on the threshold of experiencing life from a higher octave of awareness and it is leading us to the Liberation we have been seeking.

The playing field of our world has changed, however the Basic Universal Laws by which it is governed will always remain etched into eternity. The hints of Joy that have come our way have most likely been acquired by default, in the absence of consciousness, rather than by the Wisdom of knowing that we have a choice. It is the ability to float with grace through the uncertainty of life that is the sign of mastering the Universal Laws. It is this skill that I am encouraging us to cultivate within ourselves.

The paths that we now choose to take in this new paradigm will be made from a conscious intent rather than from decisions that are rooted in the ego-mind, old habits and fears.

Trusting in the Divinity of the experience and allowing life to unfold into its perfection becomes the focus of attention. The absence of the tendency to try to force a result through mind-directed effort is Liberating.

Awareness of Choice

Every Human Being has been provided with empowering gifts that are oftentimes overlooked or taken for granted. One of the most inspiring is the “Power of Choice.” What we choose to bring our attention to with deliberate conscious intent or what we attract into our experience blindly, becomes our reality and determines our Well-Being and Vibrancy in every aspect of our life.

We have a choice to differentiate every thought, action and experience in Awareness. We can choose between the perspective of the ego-mind that is designed to evoke distress or the “Heart” that embraces freedom, the Gift of a lifetime. Our reality is a reflection of how we choose to perceive life. Looking through the eyes of the Heart always feels Natural, Easy, Vibrant and Joyful.

The decisions and choices we have been making to this point, both conscious and unconscious are precisely what has created and will continue to create the quality of life we will continue experiencing until new choices are made.

The way we make choices in our daily life is determined and experienced by the relationship we have with ourselves; how we value, appreciate, accept and love whom we really are. When we live from this level of consciousness, Truth and Wisdom becomes our guide and the Awareness of Choice our magic wand.

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