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Archeologists estimate that modern humans have been on the Earth for about 200,000 years. However, only now have we reached a point of profound change in the consciousness of mankind.

Life is moving forward, dancing with the wind and harmonizing with the Joy of Creation. This is the dance that beckons in these times. This is the reality that we are capable of manifesting at the crossroads of our perceived world. It is a place to experience the Freedom derived from “Detached Outcome ” and the “Oneness” with all of Creation. Making deliberate choices that emanate from the Heart is key to one’s ability to progress through this stage of our human evolution.

Living By Conscious Creation

Life takes on an entirely new perspective as we begin to understand it as a journal of the Heart’s desire, reaching fulfillment and experiencing Joy as a birthright.

This is a state of elevated awareness, a state that most only glimpse from time to time; where sensibilities are heightened, the Heart Center is open and where we are attuned to a level of focus and Wisdom that goes beyond what is habitual experience. This is a level of Awareness of consciously making more Loving and Nurturing choices; Living by “Conscious Creation” becomes a new way of life.

Our life experiences begin to reflect the dynamics of feelings, environment and choices merged within. We begin to make selective choices as to where and with whom we continue to interact and associate.Ultimately one chooses to step back from any discord and tune in to our own inner compass, guiding us to individuals and situations that foster happiness.

Epigenetic Therapist

by Steven Mana Trink


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