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Perreault Magazine - 28 -




Angela, Dame Sheldrick’s daughter, now runs the DSWT and has been managing all the Trust’s activities for over 10 years now. Angela was brought up in Tsavo and later moved to the Nairobi National Park. She has been part of the Trust’s vision from the start.

Through the support from Robert Carr-Hartley, her husband and her two sons, Roan and Taru, who are all passionate about Kenya’s wildlife, she is eager to ensure that David and Daphne’s legacy continues.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust flies between 60 to 70 hours a month supporting the Kenya Wildlife Service and Tsavo Conservation Area. DSWT Aerial Surveillance provides much needed support for our Mobile Veterinary Units, Anti-Poaching Teams and elephant and rhino conservation in this vast landscape. All the while, Aerial Surveillance acts as a deterrent to poachers and enables the deployment of ground teams to any specific poaching incidents and injured wildlife.