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kimberly founded Globe Aware in 2000, a non-profit organization that specializes in weeklong service-inspired vacations around the globe. Globe Aware is available in 15 countries. Prior to founding Globe Aware, she was Vice President of Business Development for an aerospace company, Space Services International. Kimberly previously led Business Development for Infotriever, which facilitated global contacts. As the Director of International Business Development at Investools, she created strategic international relationships and developed a globalization strategy to give free financial education tools to millions.

Frustrated by the difficulty to give time effectively in needy communities within confines of busy life, she began Globe Aware to give Westerners a forum to serve in a meaningful and fun way for both the recipient communities and the volunteer. She wants Globe Aware to serve as a lamp to light that flame of inspiration in people who might otherwise have very little time to give abroad.






jean Palamar brings her expertise at identifying and developing growth opportunities and managing key client relationships. She is skilled in sales and negotiations, and helps to increase the presence of our publication to different markets, groups, and cultures around the world.

Jean contributes to our day-to-day research for global causes and campaigns.