PERREAULT Magazine SEPT | OCT 2016 - Page 90

Perreault Magazine - 90 -



CUT the top off each aubergine and slice lengthwise into long, thin slices.

HEAT a frying pan adding 1 tbsp oil. **

FRY the aubergine until lightly coloured, then turn to cook on the other side. (In a hot pan, this will take approximately 2-3 minutes on each side and the aubergine will soften but still remain firm.)

RINSE the capers.

BLEND the basil, capers, lemon zest, oil, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and black pepper. (Finely chop if you do not have a blender or want texture to the dressing.)

TASTE and adjust the ingredients if necessary. (To thin the dressing add oil, lemon juice or a little water.)

DRIZZLE the dressing over the warm slices of aubergine.