PERREAULT Magazine SEPT | OCT 2016 - Page 88

Diet Information

My recipes have a unique coding system, a simple guide to use when you are searching for diet recipes, ex.- DF Dairy Free, GF Gluten Free, Vg Vegan.

An index of these recipes is at Recipes/Diets and an explanation of the codes and related cooking information is at "Hints & Tips/ Diet Information".

Born in rural Tasmania and now based in Livingstone, Zambia, Clare Sullivan consults to Hotels and Safari Lodges in the region, helping them cater for special diet requests. It has been through her personal and professional interests and experiences that she was also encouraged to develop , “where I shall be demystifying diet cooking.”

“For me the kitchen is a place where I enjoy the simple pleasures of life, where I relax and do what I love doing, cooking. It is a place where I can be creative in a manner which facilitates shared pleasures and time with others.

Clare: “I grew up in a family where food was central to our lives. Daily, it brought us together as a family in the evening; and it marked the celebratory events of the calendar. My maternal grandfather had a dairy and apple orchard. We spent many hours on the farm, just 45 minutes from the town where I grew up. Most memorable was making apple cider every autumn, an extended family-event.

My mother carried on the ‘grow your own’ tradition. When we were kids, she made fantastic grain bread, yoghurt and harvested honey from semi-wild bees in the garden. She has always had a large vegetable garden; and, with most of her children now living far away, she supplies the neighbourhood with baskets of eggs, vegetables, nuts and fruit. All this was a part of life in rural Tasmania, a community that continues to nurture a ‘wholesome’ approach to food or, in my own words EatBright.”


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