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Leverage Linkedin

Once you have some names, it’s time to get connected.

Have a pre-typed, message to include in the connection note, letting them know when you’re coming and that you are interested in meeting with them.

Post a note to LinkedIn contacts and ask if they have any colleagues you can meet with. Get super specific on who you’re looking to meet with so it's easy for them to make a good connection.

Connect with local press

Schedule a mini press tour and strategically plan for it.

Research local media outlets from newspapers, news stations, to online bloggers.

The Secret is in the Follow-Up

For all meetings and travels, you will maximize your results with a simple, but planned follow up. Never consider your trip done until you’ve sent a follow up note with gratitude and calls to action. Your call to action is very important, and it can be as simple as connecting with you on LinkedIn, following you on Twitter, or signing up for your newsletter.

By following these tips, you too will be able to maximize your leverage when you travel, attend events, or set meetings. Who knows, maybe we will see each other on the road!

Ingrid Vanderveldt, M .Arch, MBA

Founder & Chairman, EBW2020, Empowering a Billion Women

by 2020