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Step 2:

Take Networking to the Next Level

Plan a networking dinner. With your newfound contacts and connections, set up a happy hour or a networking dinner. Five to eight guests is the best size. Depending on your business, this can serve you in several different ways. It can provide great value for the guests at the dinner and it can provide an opportunity for you to expand your business in new markets. Networking and expanding your circles is one of the most, if not the most, valuable thing you can invest in.

Plan an appearance or speaking opportunity.

Once you have the event agenda, you can easily see where there are some empty time slots. Organize an outside speaking opportunity and draw in on the conference or event attendee crowd.

Step 3:

Leverage Your Time Wisely

You can create more time for yourself in cases where you are leaving your office to meet with someone. Can you think about other meetings that would be close by? Maximize your time by grouping these meetings together. Sometimes, it can be very valuable to take a taxi or car

service so can leverage your time with calls or planning while in commute.


When I first started out, I didn’t realize how many opportunities I was missing by not being more strategic every time I traveled.

Step 1:

Strategize your bookings

The second your travel is booked, it's time to begin researching, outreach and planning.

Start with Google

With a simple google search, you can find the type of people you are interested in meeting with while you are there.

Try a variation of google searches and you will soon be directed to lists, websites, etc.

For those that have contact information, be sure to capture it.

Also be sure to take note of anything interesting or relevant that you can connect with them over.

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