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Set clear goals:

Get clear on what you want to happen for this meeting and for the near future, and long term. Are your goals realistic and measurable?

Taking action:

What would the perfect outcome be from this meeting? What are the clear actions you want the other party to take as a result?


Do you have everything you need to make this meeting successful? Do they have what they need (from you) to make this meeting successful?

Step 4:

Be Authentic

When setting up this meeting, you will maximize your efforts if you are upfront at the beginning of why you want to meet with them. It’s important to share and set mutual expectations together. By being authentic, you’ll set clear expectations of the meeting on both sides.


When speaking at or attending events, many women in business miss out on opportunities to leverage their return on investment. During my global travels, I’ve been able to use these tips to maximize my traveling time and to expand my business opportunities.

Step 1:

Expand Your Network

Events are a great opportunity to leverage new contacts via social media, a guest list, and other speakers.

Leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, and social media.

Be sure to sign up to receive updates from the event, and join any social media groups connected to the event. You’ll be able to see valuable connections you want to make in person

Ask the event coordinators for an attendee list (names only). Take your research one step further, and request the guest list. They will not give contact information, but with this list, you can research the connections you want to make.

Reach out to other speakers. Once you are connected on LinkedIn, reach out to new, relevant shared connections that make sense.

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