PERREAULT Magazine SEPT | OCT 2016 - Page 77

Perreault Magazine - 77 -

Maximizing Meetings

Step 1:

Synchronize your Calendar

By synchronizing your calendar with your priorities, you can create maximum leverage in your business. Your calendar is a living, breathing animal that you nurture and feed daily. To maximize your leverage, start with the big picture view of your calendar. Look at the next month. What are your biggest events? What goals do you have for the upcoming month? Ensure that your daily and weekly meetings and to-dos align with your monthly goals to create maximum leverage.

Step 1:

Make it Flow

Next, look at the flow of your week to see that it incorporates time for energy bursts, momentum, creativity and then tactical, boring and necessary to-dos.

Finally, are you blocking off time in the morning and at the close of the day to see what’s on deck and how you can optimize your day?

Step 3:

Set Goals to Align With Actions and Resources

For each meeting on your calendar, take a few minutes to set goals, get clear on action, and assess resources. What does success look like for you as a result of this meeting?

During my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned how to leverage my meetings, travels, and events to get the most return on the investment of my time and money as possible.

Nothing we invest as entrepreneurs, including time, money or passion, has the affordability to be wasted. We must make every decision - and action – the most impactful as possible.