PERREAULT Magazine SEPT | OCT 2016 - Page 60

Perreault Magazine - 60 -

I also agree with Alice Waters that we should be teaching kids about food in schools. Cafeterias are perfect learning labs to teach environmentalism, economics, social justice and nutrition. Let’s raise a generation that are conscious and committed.

SK: Who is your hero?

RE: I have so many. George Washington Carver, Robert Kennedy, Dee Dee Ramone, Larry Itliong, Harriet Tubman, Joe Strummer, Hunter S Thompson…to name just a few.

SK: What is the core mission of L.A. Kitchen?

RE: A big fat fun heart that loves life and relishes every beat it takes.

SK: Any final words for PERREAULT readers?

RE: People will try to tell you to be patient. Don’t listen. Be respectful, but don’t waste time with patience. Go forth and rock the world.