PERREAULT Magazine SEPT | OCT 2016 - Page 52

Perreault Magazine - 52 -


When Andrew decided to move to Kenya in order to establish a hundred eye clinics, he had to deal with many issues due to the country’s infrastructure. Andrew realized that the biggest problem was the number of people in need of eye care. For this reason he created the Peek app for eye testing. The other problem was the cost of treatment. In order to cover this cost, he and his wife set up a social enterprise bakery, the Ujima Bakehouse. For every hundred loaves of bread sold by the bakery, a patient receives treatment to restore their eyesight.

The added benefit to this as well is that a young person in the area would get training on how to administer the treatment. The Ujima Bakehouse is a social enterprise bakery providing funds to support low-income Kenyans with eye care and young adults with hospitality training and employment opportunities. For every 100 Loaves of bread sold, one person receives sight-restoring treatment and one orphaned youngster taking full responsibility for siblings is provided with employability training. The bakehouse is based at Maili Saba Camp.