PERREAULT Magazine SEPT | OCT 2016 - Page 28

Due to Lale’s courage and work, OMO CHILD has been able to fulfill much of its mission, which is to provide a safe, nurturing home and quality education for rescued Mingi children. Not only has Lale managed to reach many children, but he has also managed to bring awareness about the practice of Mingi to the rest of the world. It is his hope that by raising attention to the issue, we will see the practice eliminated faster.

Lale and the rest of OMO CHILD have negotiated with many surrounding villages to allow the Mingi children to live at the OMO CHILD home. It is the only option for rescued Mingi children, since they can’t return to their village, as it is not safe to do so. It is Lale’s work that has brought hope to OMO CHILD. The organization hopes that the children saved through the program, once grown, will help Lale and OMO CHILD in advocating for the end of Mingi. “We believe that through education of the younger people of the Omo Valley tribes, Mingi will be ended.”

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