PERREAULT Magazine October 2014 - Page 67

The New Creation Story

Spirit, Eros & Climate Chaos


by Andrew F. Beath

Our New Creation Story is a long journey from the

Big Bang to the Present Moment.

Our New Creation Story is a long journey from the Big Bang to the Present Moment. Our planet is withering. This story tells us why and shows us how to overcome humankind’s monumental challenges by making choices based on our species’ recently advanced consciousness—providing a new context for everything that really matters: Knowledge, Appreciation, Awe, Gratitude, Truth, Beauty, Love, Courage, Joy, Relationship and Intimacy.

These pages examine the crisis and opportunity of our current human epoch. We examine “deep time”, including where we came from, who we are as a species, and why we are out of alignment with Earth’s community of all life. Human consciousness has always been in transition and is currently becoming more complex. Read More

“Andrew Beath has written a phenomenal book, and a great read, one that creates within its pages the thought and heart forms which might actually open the door to mass human survival. Beath weaves a tale of a new Creation Story that is so compelling—and so perfectly textured inside our human condition—that he awakens in the reader the actual impulse to become a vessel for the changes of perspective, values and behaviors required if we humans and other species are going to have a longer run on this beautiful and divine orb—making this a great and important book.”

- Jay Levin, founder and former editor-in-chief

of the LA Weekly newspaper

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