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Morning Sickness:

Sepia: nausea, morning sickness, especially worse with smell of food.

Ipecac: nausea and vomiting which can be profuse and persistent and is not relieved by vomiting. There is disgust for the sight and smell of food and liquid.

Nux Vomica: nausea after eating or early morning with sensation of having a hangover and dizziness. Nausea resolves after vomiting.


Colinsonia: is a specific for constipation of pregnancy.


Kreosotum: burning and acid sensation in the stomach with sensation that the burning is travelling from stomach upwards.

Problem sleeping:

Coffea Cruda: having a hard time falling sleep because there are too many ideas and thoughts or sensation that one needs to move the body.

Gelsemium: problem sleeping due to apprehension anxiety, may be anxiety of pregnancy and delivery or an appointment with the Obstetrician in the near future.

Zincum Metallicum: problem sleeping due to restless leg syndrome.

Anxiety of delivery:

Gelsemium: apprehension anxiety (see above)

Argentum Nitricum: anxiety with the sensation that one cannot stand, sit, or lay still and needs to move around.

Cramps and Hiccups:

Cuprum Metallicum: spasms of the internal organs or the muscles of the extremities.

Sciatica Syndrome:

Hypericum Perforatum: sensation of radiating pain down the leg.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Causticum: sensation of shortening and tightening of the tendons.

Hypericum Perforatum: sensation of radiating pain in the hand.

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Pregnancy related remedies: