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In the third trimester, as the fetus doubles in size, mom’s bladder is pushed down which cause the need to urinate more frequently, her lungs are pushed upward which creates a sensation of shortness of breath, pressure on the stomach causes stomach contents to be expelled up and cause heartburn, pressure on the intestines causes further slowing of the motility of digested food and constipation, constipation in turn exacerbates the hemorrhoids. Chances are, by this point you will be ready for some help from your local Homeopathic physician.

From this point in pregnancy till the baby gets to be one year old the mother will get less sleep during the night. Headaches, congestion, shortness of breath, heartburn, muscle and joint pains and the worries of pregnancy make it tough for the mother to fall sleep or stay sleep.

We all know the value of sleep and its benefits for our bodies, it’s even more important for expecting moms to ake advantage of all opportunities to get your 8 hours any way you can.

Obviously, your physicians will find the best possible way of treating the pregnancy-related symptoms and the least toxic approach for the mother and the baby.

Disclaimer: this article and its content are for educational and informational purposes only. You should consult your physician for any issues during pregnancy. Your physician should be the person who decides on the course of your treatment. A knowledgeable Homeopathic physician should be consulted to prescribe the Homeopathic treatment based on your specific symptoms. Homeopathic medication can be used in the interim until you get to see your physician. For severe issues like urinary tract infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, diarrhea, fevers and chills an urgent consultation with your physician is advised.

Homeopathic medications encourage the body's physiology. Likewise, a mindful approach to other parameters like proper diet, adequate sleep and positive emotions also need to be addressed. Trust your body to guide you through this amazing time.

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