PERREAULT Magazine October 2014 - Page 58

Perreault Magazine - 58 -

by Dr. Payam Hakimi


Pregnancy, as beautiful, joyful, exciting and productive as it is, also brings about physiological changes in a woman’s body which can be challenging. Although these normal changes occur to get the pregnant woman and the baby ready and nourished during this time, they also cause some strange sensations and symptoms that are less than desirable. Among others, I often hear the following concerns from my patients:

Morning sickness


Mood swings


Weight gain

Crying for no reason

Frequent Urination

Colostrum production

Shortness of breath

A foot in your rib

Growing belly

Braxton Hicks contractions

Pregnancy visit anxiety

Ultra sounds

Pelvic exams

Glucose testing

Worry about episiotomy

C-section vs. Natural childbirth

Round ligament pain (sharp pelvic pains)

Swollen hands and feet

Possible complications


The changes, symptoms and concerns are all related to various changes in the body’s chemistry and structure. They are caused by hormonal shifts throughout pregnancy as well as changes in the size of the uterus as the baby grows.

Changes in hormone levels to sustain a viable pregnancy can cause morning sickness. Any smell or taste or even the sight of food can be irritating and create nausea and vomiting. Then there are the cravings. “Cravings”, a pregnant patient once said, “are the best thing that has happened to me. I am eating things I would have never have eaten before and don’t understand why!”

Emotional ups and downs both during and after pregnancy are very common. A pregnant woman can become moody, agitated, short-fused at times and other times she’ll be depressed, tearful, and withdrawn.

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