PERREAULT Magazine October 2014 - Page 55

Perreault Magazine - 55 -

By honoring our own personal truth we succeed in serving humanity by contributing to the energetic whole with which we are connected.

A new chapter is opening now as we begin to view life differently. We are transcending from a world that reflects the strategies of the mind, the mentality of competition and the world of material entrapment, into a global consciousness that embraces “Unity.”

As humankind goes through this process of transformation in raising its consciousness, the driving force will come from higher vibrational energetic signals, which influence and activate the expression of DNA on an individual level, thus fueling global change in the evolution of humankind.

DNA Activation

With Intuitive Guidance, Energetic Awareness and Conscious Intent, healing frequencies can be delivered to the morphogenic fields that surround us in the shape of belief systems and energy patterns of behavior. In my practice of “Applied Epigenetic Therapy”, I call this “DNA Activation.” This understanding allows us to make conscious choices influencing and shaping those fields. In addition to the resonance or energy pattern we may already carry, activation draws to us enhanced experiences in our life and reflects the synergy and resonance of these higher frequency energies. Working consciously towards these goals, we begin to build and strengthen our own ability to connect with wonderful fields of higher consciousness, direct the expression of our DNA and maximize our purpose in physical form. Every cell in our body is functioning together for our benefit, for the whole of our bodies. This knowledge is very empowering because we gain the power to influence every biochemical event that occurs in our bodies! The Science of Epigenetics confirms that our intentions influence our health.

So take the time to talk to your cells from the Wisdom of your Heart for they are certainly listening to what you have to say.

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