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While genes play an important part in organizing us into our individualized form and uniqueness, it is still a mystery, to science, how the organization itself happens. After all, apes and humans, fruit flies and worms are all very different, but amazingly similar, genetically. This and other discoveries made in the last hundred years have opened scientists to the possibilities that the primary components of life are orchestrated by a creative consciousness more powerful and invisible than the mind or science can detect or understand.

Consciousness Is A Vibration

Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative biologists, revolutionized scientific thinking with his vision of a living developing, universe with its own inherent memory or Morphogenetic Energy Field.

Our genes reside in this Morphic Field and play an important role in the epigenetic control of our DNA. It is a field of energy containing certain frequencies of information or resonance. All living species, human beings, animals and plants have a consciousness and therefore a Morphic Field that consists of atoms that exist at a particular threshold of vibration.

Illness occurs when these atoms comprising the human body vibrate at unhealthy frequencies. The Morphogenetic Energy Field evolves, organizes, structures and resonates. It is influenced by Epigenetic Factors that translate into vibrational frequencies generated by our environment, perception, mediation, intention and prayer

DNA Activation

When our Morphic Energy Field resonates with lower vibrations associated with fear or conflict, the signals are picked up and passed through the cell membrane. The informational frequencies travel to the nucleus of the cell and enter the chromosome, activating a particular strand of DNA. Our genes then communicate instructional functions to our cells based on the information it receives.

The cells than prepare to “Fight or Flight”. This response represents a genetic wisdom designed to protect us from bodily harm and puts our physical and emotional health in a state of alert. In this scenario, our consciousness is focused on fear, instead of love

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Travel inside the body and see how cell signaling creates

physiological changes during the fight or flight response.