PERREAULT Magazine October 2014 - Page 51

Perreault Magazine - 51 -

The Science of Epigenetics lies in tracing the signal outside the cell back to its origins. It looks for the energy flow that causes the DNA blueprint to activate a particular pattern, the driving force behind the way our DNA expresses itself.

“Epi“ implies traits that are above, in addition to, or on top of the cell membrane. “Genetics,” pertains to the DNA in the nucleus, the library of blueprints, which is found inside of each living organism or individual cell. Therefore epigenetics means control or influence of DNA from above or outside the gene.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the words we speak and the ecological systems in which we live influence the switches that turn on and off the expression of our

genes and DNA.

Additionally, the signals generated from our perceptions of the world we live in, our thoughts, beliefs, prayers, mediations and intentions influence our inner environment, cause chemical changes in our body and brain and affect the way our genes communicate instructions to our cells.

Epigenetics is also showing us through Conscious Intention that we can change our quality of life from what we have been handed down through previous generations. The science confirms that it is our individual choices, based on our degree of consciousness, that plays a role and changes our cellular structure.

The research behind the science encourages us to abandon obsolete beliefs that we are victims of predetermined genetic codes. Epigenetics clarifies how perceptions of our inner and outer environments shape our biology and behavior and make us masters of our own lives, rewriting the rules of disease, heredity and Well-Being.

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