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In the 21st century, 90% of all conflicts are re-occurring conflicts. These cycles of violence continue because what happens – including the mass crimes that are committed – is not adequately addressed.

© Photograph Courtesy of S Pate, Guineaoye’

As our workload grows – and by the third quarter of 2014 we already had more missions this year than in 2013, which had more than twice as many missions as 2012 - so grows our need to meet this demand. I would say that trying to find the means to meet this growing demand is our main challenge. So my other motto is: we do not need a lot, and we can do a lot, if we have what we need! And we can make such a huge difference – justice for victims, a real chance for peace for their societies, and a future more likely to be free from mass atrocities!

It sounds like a fantastic endeavour, Andras. If people who read this article want to help, what should they do?

We have just launched a new website, to better explain our work and its importance. We are trying to reach people who care about ending the cycle of atrocities and who, beyond their outrage for these crimes, understand that if these are only met with indifference and passivity, more violence will inevitably follow. The website is called I hope your readers can visit it and give us feedback, as this is a very new step for us. And, of course, if they feel moved by JRR’s vision, I hope they will choose to support our work.