PERREAULT Magazine October 2014 - Page 32

Andras Vamos-Goldman is on a mission to help end impunity for crimes such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, wherever they occur. Andras’ 30 years in diplomacy and law gave him the background, and the world’s focus on international criminal justice in the last 20 years gave him his opportunity. Through a strong sense of justice and fairness, and with plenty of perseverance, Justice Rapid Response was born.

Since it became operational in October 2009, JRR has had more than 90 inquiries for assistance and has been able to help in 41 investigative missions in most regions of the world. Established by an intergovernmental forum, JRR’s flexible, innovative structure enables States, international institutions, and organizations to work together to make investigations of mass atrocity crimes the rule, not the exception.

by Brigitte Perreault

Perreault Magazine - 32 -


JUSTICE RAPID RESPONSE, or JRR as it is most often called, is a unique and innovative multi-stakeholder facility dedicated to the investigation of mass atrocity crimes. It is a non-profit that works to bring justice to survivors of the worst crimes known to humanity, and by making it possible to hold those responsible to account, helps deter would-be future offenders.

Professional - Impartial - Prompt

These are the words that inspire Andras Vamos-Goldman, JRR’s Executive Director.