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joseph mcdonnell

Starting his basic learning of fine arts in his birth city of Detroit, Joe had the privilege to sharpen his skills at the University of Notre Dame, Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, and at the Harvard School of Design. He trained under the distinguished sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, whose influence can be detected in the details of McDonnell’s art.

Along with his creative expression, he is also an associate editor and sculpture critic for Art World magazine. His enlightened soul, depicted in his work, is continuously evolving in its journey to illuminate and inspire the whole world.

The popularity of his art can be seen in his more than 150 commissioned pieces. He has received acclaim for his work with metal and bronze, and recently has experimented with glass and resins as well. Joseph has created a whole new range of art forms using glass. The most famous of them are ‘Ice Cubes’. He picks up ordinary glass & cast resins and transforms them into ‘Cubes’. His ‘Ice Cubes’ become beautiful art pieces. The addition of light to the translucent cubes creates a melody of colors which captures hearts. This magic can be showcased to add sophistication to your home, abundance to your garden, or modern whimsy to your college or university campus. These ice cubes reflect separate entities and yet are connected with a thread of light, giving them a multiplicity in oneness.

Then there are the single cubes of vivid colors representing the free thinking and boundlessness of imagination. The riot of colors radiating from them reflects the vibrancy of a thoughtful and creative mind.

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